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2021 Publication News

We are pleased to share with you the latest publications from our faculty members.
In the year 2021, our faculty published 28 articles, including 18 articles in SCOPUS indexed journals.

Dr Mehru Nisha

Simultaneous Detection of Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura and Strongyloides stercoralis using Modified Stool DNA Extraction Method
Published in Research Journal of Parasitology

Detection of Coliform Bacteria from Water and Soil at Recreation Park in Malaysia
Published in Research Journal of Environmental Sciences

Prevalence and risk factors of soil-transmitted helminth among minority indigenous community in Malaysia
Published in International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (IJRPS)

Efficacy of Single Dose Albendazole Treatment of Soil-Transmitted Helminths Among Indigenous Children in Malaysia
Published in Asian J Trop Med Public Health (Scopus Indexed)

Knowledge, awareness, and practice (KAP) level of parasite infection among adults in Selangor, Malaysia 
Published in International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (IJRPS)

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Izuddin Fahmy Abu

Cortisol on circadian rhythm and its effect on cardiovascular system
Published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Scopus Indexed; WoS Indexed)

Analysis of KATP channels opening probability of hippocampus cells treated with kainic acid 
Published in Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences (Scopus Indexed; WoS Indexed)

Heart Rate Variability and Muscle Strength in Young Male Adults with Sedentary Behavior 
Published in IIUM Medical Journal Malaysia (WoS Indexed; MyCite Indexed)

Neuroprotection Against NMDA-Induced Retinal Damage by Philanthotoxin-343 Involves Reduced Nitrosative Stress
Published in Frontiers in Pharmacology (SCOPUS Indexed; WoS Indexed)

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Izuddin Fahmy Abu

Ts. Dr Nur Azma Amin

Impact of Religious Activities on Quality of Life and Cognitive Function among Elderly
Published in Journal of Religion and Health (Scopus Indexed; WoS Indexed)

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Reezal Ishak

The role of calpain enzyme on neutrophils chemotaxis ability 
Published in Pharmaceutical Sciences Asia (Scopus Indexed)

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Reezal Ishak

Dr Ahmad Najib Hasan

Evaluating the Effect of Volten VR4® Kaempheria parviflora Extracts on Blood Glucose Levels in Human Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus and Health Individual: A Case-Control Study 
Published in The Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand (Scopus Indexed)

Dr Muhammad Fauzi Daud

Micro-RNA Regulation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells and Its Significance in Cardiovascular Diseases
Published in Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (Scopus Indexed; WoS Indexed)

Dr Muhammad Fauzi Daud

Dr Jalilah Idris

Development Of Neurite Outgrowth Following Differentiation Of Motor Neuron-Like Cell Line, NSC-34 By Different Concentrations Of Retinoic Acid
Published in Asian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences (MyCITE Indexed)

Ainul Husna Kamarudin

Association Between Workload and Psychological Well-Being In Malaysia Elite Firefighter
Published in Malaysian Journal of Public Helath Medicine (Scopus Indexed)

A Preliminary Study of Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Its Factors among Firefighters in Malaysia
A book chapter in The Influence of Ecosystem Services Towards Human Wellbeing (Published by Nova Science Publishers)

Ts. Dr. Sabrina Karim

Effectiveness of Curcumin Longa And Piper Betle Extracts to Disinfect Diabetic Bacteria
Published in Materials Today: Proceedings (Scopus Indexed)

Book Chapter in Synergizing Biochar Applications in Community Waste Management
Published by Universiti Kuala Lumpur Publishing

Mohamed Zul Fadhli Khairuddin

The Relationship between Safety Behaviour and Safety Climate among Firemen 
Published in Journal of Occupational Safety and Health (MyCite Indexed)

Dr Nurulshyha Md Yatim

Moss as Bio-indicator for Air Quality Monitoring at Different Air Quality Environment
Published in International Journal of Engineering and Advance Technology

Teh Rasyidah Ismail

Enrichment Protocol for Rat Models 
Published in Current Protocols in Mouse Biology (Scopus Indexed)

Azrina Jonit

Educational Leadership: The Role of Class Teachers
Published in Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (Scopus Indexed)

Khairul Nizam Mohd Isa

Metagenomic characterization of indoor dust fungal associated with allergy and lung inflammation among school children
Published in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (Scopus Indexed; WoS Indexed)

Nur Shukriyah Mohamad Hazir

Impacts of Hypoxia on Osteoclast Formation and Activity: Systematic Review
Published in MDPI International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Scopus Indexed; WoS Indexed)

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