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Ergonomic Risk Assessment Service & Consultancy

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Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) Service & Consultancy

Ensure a Comfortable, Healthy Work Environment for your Employees

Healthy employees are your backbone to ensuring your business productivity. 

An ergonomic risk assessment (ERA) will aid you in identifying health issues affecting your workers and provide action points you can take to improve your worker’s health and safety. The ERA is an objective measure of the ergonomic risk factors in the work environment. These risks if not identified and controlled can lead to musculoskeletal disorders or injuries amongst your workers.

Our DOSH-recognized Ergonomic Trained Persons (ETP) at UniKL MESTECH can conduct initial as well as advanced ERA to help you identify the ergonomic hazards present in your work environment, determine the risk to your workers, and make comprehensive recommendations for improvements to the work environment to reduce the risk to your workers.

Benefits of Reducing Ergonomic Risk

Pain and injury from musculoskeletal disorders can significantly affect your worker’s ability to do their job and also result in costly medical and compensation claims as well as many days of medical leave, slower work pace.

Reducing ergonomic risk factors helps you drive down costs. Healthy workers result in significantly reduced medical claims, lost workdays, absenteeism and workers compensation. By identifying the potential ergonomic risks faced by your workers you can take corrective actions early and prevent costly musculoskeletal diseases from occurring and reduce downtime to your business.

Ergonomics risk control also can improve the productivity of your workers and the quality of their job. By ensuring your worker performs his job with good posture and less exertions, not only is the task performed more efficiently, the worker also will be less fatigued and be able to perform well and without error.

Additionally, by taking action to ensure your workers health and safety it will create a better safety culture and improve your employees morale and engagement. Employees will notice your commitment to their safety and health, resulting in better performance and job satisfaction among your workers.

Our Services

Our DOSH-recognized Ergonomic Trained Persons (ETP) are ready to consult with you and conduct various services related to ergonomic risk assessment including:

  • conducting employee musculoskeletal discomfort screenings
  • walkthough survey of the work environment
  • initial ergonomic risk assessment
  • advanced ergonomic risk assessment

We will provide you with a comprehensive ergonomic risk assessment report as well as recommendations for improvement to ensure you can take all the necessary actions to provide a safe, healthy work environment for your employees.

Ergonomic Training & Awareness Seminars

UniKL MESTECH also conducts ergonomic awareness workshops and seminars for the general public. We can also custom design a training package for your organization, tailor made for the job tasks your workers perform.


  • Online or Face – to – face sessions, designed to meet your needs
  • Practical sessions with guides on how to control ergonomic risk factors
  • Specialized workshops for employees Working from Home

Our Ergonomic Trained Persons (ETP)

Ts. Dr. Nur Azma Amin

  • PhD. (Medicine)
    Monash University
  • Master of Environmental Management
    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • B.Sc. Biology (Hons.)
    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Qualified to Conduct:
Initial Ergonomic Risk Assessment, Advanced Ergonomic Risk Assessment (RULA, REBA, MAC, RAPP, ART, ROSA, ENBORA)

Ts. Arvind Bala Krishnan

  • M.Sc. (Occupational Safety & Health Management)
    Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • B.Sc. Biomedical Science (Hons)
    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Qualified to Conduct:
Initial Ergonomic Risk Assessment, Advanced Ergonomic Risk Assessment (RULA, REBA, MAC, RAPP, ART)

Mohamed Zul Fadhli Khairuddin

  • M.Engineering (Safety, Health, Environment)
    Universiti Malaya
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Environmental Science & Management
    Universiti Malaya

Qualified to Conduct:
Initial Ergonomic Risk Assessment, Advanced Ergonomic Risk Assessment (RULA, REBA, MAC, RAPP, ART)

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