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Research Grants

List of active research grants held by the faculty at UniKL MESTECH

Active Grants

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

Mechanism of Neuroprotection by Philanthotoxin against NMDA-induced Excototoxicity in the retina of glaucoma rat model
Principle Investigator: AP Ts Dr Izuddin Fahmy Abu
Grant total : RM 146,000

Molecular Mechanisms of Infiltrating Neutrophils in Promoting Tumor Growth
Principle Investigator : Dr Pang Jyh Chyang
Grant total : RM 129,800

Investigating the molecular mechanism of Schwann cell demyelination in diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Principle Investigator: Dr Muhammad Fauzi Daud
Grant total : RM 145,200

Fundamental Study on the Efficacy and Mechanism of Action of a Novel Lectin from Lignosus rhinocerus (Tiger Milk Mushroom) in Leukemogenic Tyrosine Kinase Cell Lines
Principle Investigator: Dr Norhaida Che Azmi
Grant total : RM 176,600

Post-transcriptional control of caspase-3 by RNA binding proteins in spinal cord injury
Principle Investigator: Dr Jalilah Idris
Grant total : RM 92,500

Assessing psychosocial hazards and its relation to the mental health among B40 workers
Principle Investigator: Ts Dr Nur Azma Amin
Grant total : RM 70,110

Regulation of cellular translational initiation process by respiratory syncytial virus via the MAPK and the mTOR pathways
Principle Investigator: Dr Azimah Abdul Wahab
Grant total: RM 139,000

Mechanism of surface construction of palm oil mill effluent sludge-biochar based catalytic activity for endocrine disrupting chemicals degradation
Principle Investigator: Ts Dr Sabrina Karim
Grant total: RM 88,400


Short Term Research Grant (STRG)

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Mild Cognitive Impairment among Elderly in Rural area in Selangor
Principle Investigator: AP Ts Dr Izuddin Fahmy Abu
Grant total : RM 10,000

Placental Metabolomics and Pilot Study on Associations with Air Pollutants and Pregnancy Outcomes
Principle Investigator: Dr Nurulshyha Md Yatim
Grant total : RM 20,000

Investigating The Capacity Of Endothelial Progenitor Cells In Performing Specific In Vitro Function In Normal Vs High Glucose Condition To Mimic Diabetic Environment
Principle Investigator: Dr Ahmad Najib Hasan
Grant total : RM 20,000


Completed Grants

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