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At UniKL MESTECH we offer programmes in the fields of Biomedical Science, Environmental Health, Occupational Safety & Health, and Medical Assisting, from the diploma to master’s levels. Our bachelor’s degree programmes are also offered in Flexilearn mode to cater to the busy schedules of working adults. All our programmes are approved and accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), the respective professional bodies, as well as related international organizations.

* All information is correct at the time of publication. UniKL reserves the right to make changes to the programmes offered and its content without prior notice.


Industry Driven Curriculum

7 programmes in 4 medical & health science technology fields.


Expert Guidance

Study with renowned academicians and industrialists.


International Student Exchange Mobility

Over 100 mobility universities and industry partners.


Professional Certification

Embedded industry-recognised certification.


Education Financing

Wide access to study loans, scholarships and grants.


Build Your Career

Join our network of alumni and industrial partners locally and abroad.

Biomedical Science

Biomedical scientists are an integral part of the healthcare team who performs laboratory diagnostics tests to detect illness and disease. We help clinicians to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments and conduct breakthroughs in medical and health science research. Build your career in biomedical sciences with our Diploma, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s programs.

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Environmental Health
Occupational Safety & Health

Clean air, safe drinking water, hygienic food, living in an environment free from pollution & disease vectors as well as proper housing are all essential determinants of human well-being. Retaining a positive health and safety culture in the workplace are indispensable in the modern workforce. Embark on a career of helping our community to live, work and play in safe and healthy environments by enrolling in an Environmental Health or Occupational Safety & Health programme at UniKL.

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Medical Assistance

Medical assistants are a vital member of the clinical care team who provides clinical and administrative supports for physicians. Our Diploma in Medical Assistant is the start of your journey into this rapidly growing field.

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Flexilearn & Short Courses

UniKL MESTECH also offers all our Bachelor’s Degree programs in Flexilearn mode, specifically tailored to cater to the busy schedules of working adults. Our Flexilearn courses recognize your prior experiential learning and working experiences by featuring entry using APEL-A, and granting credit exemptions using APEL-C. Various short courses and professional certificates are also offered periodically.

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